Los Sundays SoCal Pavlova at E.P & L.P

Our good friend Louis Tikaram, head chef at EP & LP, recently surprised us with an exceptional new addition to the dessert menu at one of our favorite restaurants. When we’d last seen Louis, we left him with a couple bottles of tequila for experimentation, he eluded towards the possibility of a tequila infused dessert, and now you can experience what can be described quite literally as the fruit of his labor with the Los Sundays Pavlova.


Topped with a slim meringue crisp, a serving of mango ice cream lies on a bed of coconut tapioca, oat crumbs, and tequila infused chunks of mango. The subtle coconut flavor, found in our Reposado, perfectly compliments the fruits freshness, harnessing a delicious simplicity in it’s taste. As you crack the meringue crisp with your spoon, the pieces fall across the dessert, causing every bite to contain each delicious layer. What Louis created is a perfectly executed example of the many ways that you can use our tequila and we can confidently say that he has far exceeded any expectations. It is simply delicious.


 We ask that you do yourself a favor this week by reserving a few seats with Louis at his chefs table for you and a date. Treat your taste buds to a unique array of mouthwatering original dishes and then top it all off with the Los Sundays Pavlova. You will not be disappointed.


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