We recently sat down for a drink with one of our favorite Newport Beach locals, Kristianna Sleshinger…

We were already at the bar when she arrived and watched as she greeted and hugged multiple friends that occupied the restaurant. When she spotted us at the bar, she began to make her way through the crowd carrying herself with a welcomed air of confidence. Pair this with her laid-back demeanor true to her Southern Californian upbringing, Kristianna easily fits into the category of full blown mega babe. But don’t let this fool you because, like us, she loves to have a good time and if there’s one girl who knows how to get the party started, it’s Kristianna!

Upon joining us, we said our hello’s, ordered a drink, and started to chat when we noticed her simple order of Reposado on the rocks and we just had to ask, “Is that your go-to tequila drink of choice?”

“Honestly I enjoy sipping Reposado over ice, but if I’m in the mood for a cocktail I would have to say Polomas are my favorite! I love trying different craft cocktails and making my own twist on them at home as well!

“And has that always been your favorite way to drink Tequila?”


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“Tequila and I had a bit of a falling out due to the amount of shitty Tequila I had consumed.” She said with a laugh. “I recently started finding my love for Tequila again after being introduced to smoother more high end Tequilas.”

We raised our glasses and said, “Cheers to new found love! And speaking of… any other love interests at the moment?”

Kristianna laughed and said, “Yes, there is a lucky guy. My heart is currently occupied by my boyfriend Stevie, our dog, Bowie and cat, Tiki Moonstone. I love my crazy little family and wouldn’t have it any other way!”

The laughs continued and a few more stories were traded before we inquired what it’s been like to work as a model with GUESS for the past two years.

With a smile she answered, “It’s still crazy to believe! I have been able to work with very talented individuals, travel to Barcelona to walk runway, and create the most amazing memories. I recently shot with photographer Tatiana Gerusova, known for her black and white film noir sets, featured in Italian Vogue and most commonly for GUESS (photos featured in “Sensual” a book by GUESS). I am really excited about the future and to see where this all takes me, I feel very fortunate!”

As she finished speaking, she took a last sip of her Tequila and told us that she was late to be somewhere. We said our goodbyes and she headed for the door, stopping only to give a hug to the restaurant hostess, one more of her numerous friends. We were left to wonder where she was off too as it was near to that hour of the night where one decides either to go out or head home. We wondered because we didn’t ask and she didn’t tell us either.