The Sundays Magic 8 Ball
The Sundays Magic 8 Ball

The sundays magic 8 ball $19.00

Whether you're trying to decide where to get drinks, what movie to watch or just need your fortune told, our classic Magic-8-Ball has you covered.

Ask the ball any yes or no question, shake, then turn upside-down to reveal your secret message!  


White plastic finish with classic red Sundays imprint.

20 custom answers including:

  • u might regret it but, yes
  • pics or it didn't happen
  • it's worth a shot
  • that's so you
  • very likely
  • ask Alexa instead
  • let's drink about it
  • we tweeted your answer
  • Tequila may bring clarity
  • ask your sober friend
  • room's spinning, try again
  • go ask the bartender
  • cannot foretell now
  • you can do better
  • that's cute
  • LOL. NO.
  • ur just thirsty
  • wait till Sunday


4 inches, round


*The Sundays Magic 8 Ball is for entertainment purposes only 

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