Not your standard looking tequila company, right?

That’s because we aren’t. Løs Sundays is founded on the principles of Quality, Originality and Style.

We absolutely love tequila, so we demand quality. We live to create with originality and we deliver it all with style in mind. Thus, born from our favorite day of the week, we present Løs Sundays Tequila for your enjoyment.

At Løs Sundays, we worked with our distillery to create a tequila so fine and smooth that it can be enjoyed neat as a sipping tequila or crafted into your favorite cocktail.  With 100% Blue Weber Agave, a hint of natural coconut and techniques unique to our distillery, we’ve finally bottled the finest tequila your lips will have the pleasure to touch.

When it’s time for a drink, make it tequila and make it SUNDAYS! Enjoy…