The Collab you never knew you wanted

Tiger and Sunday Red, Tequila and Limes, Batman & Robin. Siegfried & Roy. ....there’s been many iconic duos overtime, but it's time for a new pair to step up to the plate, or tee box. Bad Birdie & Los Sundays have come together to create their first collaboration. Ladies & gentlemen, we present to you.....Bad Sundays, the best duo by par ;)


The most important shot in golf is the next one.

When it comes to being disruptive to both of their respective fields, Los Sundays and Bad Birdie both share a passion for doing things their own way. When it comes to doing anything, both brands are all about bringing the good vibes.....and now tequila ;)


Bad Birdie leads the next golfing generation to shed light on an old game. On a mission to drive a new culture of inclusivity and self expression into the golfing world through their fun loving community and product. 

Who's Your Caddy.

A collaboration born from having a good time on and off the course, the collection features 4 Limited Edition products that are sure to sell out fast. A limited edition agave print polo (available in red or white), graphic tee, summer bucket hat and the all important golfing glove.  Gone are the days of putting salt on your hand pre-shot, now you can put it on some Italian leather. Check out the products below and don't forget to try the Bad Sundays cocktail....may the course be with you.

Go Big Or Go Home

Curious of the next shot to take on course? We'd suggest Blanco.

It's truly a BAD SUNDAY.

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