This summer we have collaborated with Banks Journal to curate a limited edition capsule collection just in time for summer fun.


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With both companies’ founders being Australian surfers living in California sharing a mutual love for the ocean, surf-fashion and tequila the collaboration was a no brainer, only a matter of time.

Banks Journal, known for their moderncuratedtake on surf culture place a focus on production quality and styling. In similar vein Los Sundays do the same with the tequila they craft. True to the Banks Journal sense of effortless style,the 3 piece capsule collection seamlessly mixes their precise cuts and tailoring with Los Sundays’ tongue in cheek fun.

Made in limited quantities and designed to be worn both in and out of the water, the unique set gives a nod to the classic Australian surf lifestyle with a modern Californian style twist that pays tribute to our favorite Mexican spirit.