And the Nominees are....

The Grammy Awards are one of the most prestigious awards ceremonies in music. Every year, the best performers in music are rewarded with the Grammy Awards. This year, the nominees for song of the year include Lizzo, Harry Styles and Steve Lacy. It naturally got us thinking about what cocktails we'd be pairing with these songs...award winning songs need award winning tequila right? Without further ado, we present to you our Grammy Nominated Cocktail pairings... 

As It Was - Harry Styles

An upbeat ’80s synths contrasting against a sorrowful voice and nostalgic lyrics, the As It Was cocktail had to have a little bit of familiar smooth with a different type of kick. It had to be fun and colourful like Harry's stage presence, so we present to you our fan favourite Tequila Campari Aperol Spritz.

Check out the recipe here.

About Damn Time - Lizzo

In her Instagram post about the song, Lizzo asks, “Have you been feeling stressed? Have you also been feeling sexy? Well I got the remedy for you…” it's this song. About Damn Time is Lizzo's remedy for feeling down, it's an uplifting, energetic song with a nod to the hits of the 70s. For this cocktail we had to make sure it was something light, uplifting and made you want to dance. The only option was the Spicy Motel Margarita.


Watch this recipe here.

Bad Habit - Steve Lacy

When it comes to great tasting cocktails there's no such things as bad habits...unless they're tasty ones. This Coconut Cinnamon Cocktail was created by the Splendid Sips team using Los Sundays Coconut Tequila, and well drinking these has become quite the habit, but we think it's a good one. 

It's creamy, but light and not too sweet. The cinnamon sugar rim gives the cocktail a warm sweet finish to taste. 

Watch the cocktail being created here.