Meet Daniel Allen Cohen

How did the This Is Addictive concept start and then develop?


In 2011 This Is Addictive started as a blog on Tumblr. It later grew to an Instagram and evolved into an art collection/brand in 2014. The first pieces that really developed the collection were when I used the Nutritional Fact label and remixed it into Narcotic Facts. This label allowed me to share the familiar experiences for each drug in a witty playful way. Shortly after that I released my own prescription strength pills that were called Insta-Fame, Designer Drugs, Indulgences, and Poor & Suffering Relief. Each piece offered treatment for people's first world problems such as not having enough followers or fame, needing acceptance into Heaven, looking better than everyone self, and not having enough money. This Is Addictive has continued to grow with the release of the Periodic Table of Drugs, and Periodic Table of Addiction. The meaning behind the work is not a reflection of who I am as an artist or person. The pieces are meant to capture the spirit of the times we are living in and reflect on who we are as humans and create culture.

What are some of the most memorable moments in your career so far (apart from working with Los Sundays)

Since 2016 I’ve had some amazing memorable moments exhibiting my work in Miami during Art Week when Art Basel happens. Every year that I’ve exhibited work there I’ve always left with big wins and broken records. Other moments came a few years ago when my lifetime sales broke $1 million dollars. The most memorable moment was a bit of a rollercoaster story when myself, a good artist friend and two of our girlfriends flew to New York together. I rented a 35 foot camper RV up to the Hamptons for a big art fair. Leading up to that show I had invested everything I had to finish some of my Precious Bar Sculptures I was working on. I went from almost hitting rock bottom to being on top of the world after selling all four of the pieces to Steven & Kara Ross (the owner of the Miami Dolphins). A few days after the show I turned 30. It was a good way to set into a new decade of my life.


Noteable clients? We love a name drop.

I have some amazing private collectors, but a few that I’m really grateful for GiGi Hadid, Ashton Kutcher, Steven & Kara Ross, and many more.


Advice you would give anyone who is trying to follow their passion?

Your network is your net worth. Cultivate a community, family, and following with people who share and support your passion. Be of as much value to others in your network as you can.


What drink are you ordering at the bar?

Tequila on the rocks or with soda.


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